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Welcome to Thunder Hearing Services

UPDATE: We are pleased to inform you that our company - Thunder Hearing Services - is approaching our 5 year anniversary and will be moving our Riverhead office to a brand new and larger location to better serve you. As of January 4, 2021, our new address is 720 Old Country Rd. Riverhead NY 11901. We will still be serving patients in Shirley as well. Call today for a Hearing Evaluation. Happy New Year!

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What Makes Us Different?

Thunder Hearing Services is a private practice, meaning we have low overhead costs which lets us sell hearing aids at a reasonable price. We provide personal care to our patients and never rush through an appointment. We value your needs and want to help you experience better hearing by helping you manage your hearing loss. Our audiologist enjoys helping patients and ensures they never feel rushed or pressured to make a purchase. Lisa opened her own practice so she can spend the time her patients deserve and help them individually manage their hearing loss. Because we are a private practice we are also able to work with the leading hearing aid manufacturers to better provide our patients with more options. This allows us to better fit our patients with hearing aids that will address their unique hearing loss and lifestyle needs. When you come to Thunder Hearing Services you can expect to be treated like family. We always make our patients our priority, and will continue to provide you with quality and trustworthy hearing care.

Your First Appointment

When you come in for your first appointment you will be greeted by our Patient Coordinators, Jennifer or Jill. You will be given some simple paperwork to fill out and provide us with your insurance card. We ensure you never have to wait long before our audiologist comes out to greet you. We do encourage you to bring a family member or loved one with you to your appointment. Family usually encourages you to come in for an initial appointment, so we like to have you include them in the appointment so you can have a familiar voice and we can get their perspective on what areas you’re having trouble with.

  1. We begin the appointment with a conversation, going over your history and what you’re having difficulty with.
  2. After our conversation then we begin the hearing test. The test does not take long and is painless. We will explain what we test for and how we test prior to beginning the exam.
  3. After your hearing test we will go over your results and explain what type and degree of hearing loss you may have. We will also go over your options for hearing aids and what type of device we feel will be best suited for you.
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