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Hearing FAQs

At Thunder Hearing Services, we believe in educating our patients on their hearing loss and hearing aid options. We understand hearing loss can be confusing and overwhelming, that’s why we are here to answer any of your questions. Below we’ve gathered some questions our patients often ask us. If you have any further questions call us today!

Questions About Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids today are no longer big, bulky, or contain wires. They now are sleek in design and nearly invisible. Hearing aids are so small that no one will even notice you are wearing them, they’ll only notice you are hearing better and are more engaged in the conversation.
Depending on the level of technology in the hearing aid, they can be an investment. However, at Thunder Audiology we carry a wide range of hearing aids at affordable prices. We are competitive with our pricing so we can better help our patients afford better hearing. We also accept most insurance providers and will always work with you to find a device that fits your hearing needs and budget.
We recommend replacing your hearing aids every 4 years so you can take advantage of the new advancements in hearing aid technology. By upgrading your devices every 4 years you won’t miss out on any of the sounds you enjoy and can experience the latest hearing technology. However, if you don’t want to upgrade that often your hearing aids will last for 5-7 years if properly maintained and cleaned.

Questions About Hearing Loss

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Even if you only have mild to moderate hearing loss, it is still important to manage it with hearing aids. Hearing loss will progressively get worse, so even though your hearing loss may not be severe now, it can be down the road. In order to keep your ears and brain healthy it is important to treat any degree of hearing loss immediately.
Hearing aids won’t make your hearing worse. Hearing aids are designed to enhance the volume and clarity of speech as well as the sounds around you. Although it may seem like you hear worse when you take your hearing aids out, that’s because you have gotten used to hearing better with them! Your hearing won’t worsen with hearing aids but it will if you let your hearing loss go on untreated.
Hearing loss can be caused by many factors. Most often patients experience hearing loss because of the aging process. Some other causes of hearing loss include exposure to loud noises, toxic medications, damage to the inner ear nerve, ear infections, and heard or ear trauma. No matter the cause of your hearing loss it’s important to come see us so we can perform a full hearing evaluation and treat any hearing loss you may have.
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