Hearing Aids

We work with the best hearing aids to better help our patients.

Hearing Aids at Thunder Hearing Services

Because we are a private practice we have the freedom to work with the leading hearing aid manufacturers. This allows us to better fit our patients with hearing aids because we carry a larger selection. Although we work with all the major hearing aid brands, we primarily sell Signia hearing aids. Our audiologist has been working with Signia for over 10 years, and has an in-depth understanding of their technology. By focusing on one hearing aid manufacturer, we are more knowledgeable in that manufacturer’s devices and technology than other practices. If you can’t find a hearing aid from Signia that addresses your hearing needs then we can work with other manufacturers to find the perfect solution for you.

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Choosing the Right Hearing Aids

Choosing the right hearing aids depends largely on the technology of the hearing aid and your budget. Today’s hearing aids are technologically advanced, and have different levels of noise management, directionality, sound clarity, and quality of sound. We will go over what types of listening environments you spend your time in the most and make a decision together on what level of technology you need in a device. Another factor to consider is the price. The more technologically advanced the hearing aid is, then the higher the cost. If your lifestyle requires you to have a more advanced hearing aid, then we will work with you and your budget to make the devices affordable.

Hearing aids at Thunder Hearing Center

Hearing aids are very discreet and feature a sleek design. When choosing the right hearing aid, what it looks like is not as important as it once was. Because all of today’s hearing aids are so small, they are hardly noticeable. We only focus on the level of technology and what you can afford.

Hearing Aid Fittings

After your diagnostic hearing test we will go over your options for hearing aids. Once you decide which hearing aids are best for you we will order them and see you again in one week for the fitting. Once we receive your hearing aids and have you come back in for the appointment, we will fit and program your new devices to you. After your fitting then we like to schedule a follow-up appointment in two weeks to check-in and make sure everything is going smoothly. Then we follow-up every three months to make sure you’re adjusting and hearing your best. If you need to come in sooner to see us that’s okay. We work with you and will be with you through every step of the process.

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Adjusting to Hearing Aids

Adjusting to hearing aids can take some time, you won’t adjust overnight. When you wear new hearing aids your brain has to adjust to hearing and processing sounds again. For some people the adjustment period is short and easy, however for some it can be difficult. It is important to be patient and to wear your hearing aids as much as possible. The more you wear your hearing aids then the quicker you will adjust to them and will start hearing sounds more clearly again.

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